Bickel’s Home Inspections: The Basics

Bickel’s Home Inspections is a family founded and operated home inspection company that understands what it’s like to put your trust in a professional with your family home or business. Our family is here to help yours with our in depth home inspections ensuring your home is safe. We detail some parts of our approach to home inspections below.

We make sure the property surrounding the house has good drainage, the walkways are in good condition, the railings can support weight, and there is no evidence of termites in the surrounding area

Checking the foundation means there are no visible cracks that could cause major problems down the road.

Shingles in good condition and secured to avoid leaks and wind damage, as well as detecting past wind damage to avoid costly interior damage.

Safe drainage and no cracks or leaks keeps you clear of potential flooding and clogs which could be expensive to fix in the future.

Visible wiring is in good condition, the service panel isn’t overloaded causing excess heat and no exposed knob and tube wiring. Safe electrical systems prevent fires!

No asbestos, no gas odors, no rust around cooling units, and chimney flues are in good working condition.

Not only are our inspections thorough we start with the end goal to make sure your home is safe for you and yours. Schedule a home inspection through our online scheduling form.